Knowing how to filter opportunities in Connect is crucial for efficiently managing your sales pipeline. It helps businesses quickly identify high-value leads, ensuring focus on the most promising prospects.

Filtering opportunities allows you to track specific segments, tailor follow-up actions, and make data-driven decisions. It also helps identify trends and potential issues, enabling proactive adjustments to your sales strategy.

Mastering this feature enhances productivity, improves conversion rates, and drives overall business growth.

Step 1

First go to opportunities, the choose the correct pipeline from the dropdown. Then to filter the opportunities, click the funnel icon on the upper right.

How to Filter Opportunities

Step 2

A bar will open on the right panel, here you will be able to see the different filter you can choose from. Two of the most used are the Owner filter and Status filter.

  1. Owner - Use this to filter when checking a specific owner of opportunities.

  2. Status - Use this filter to see opportunity status such as open, won, abandoned and lost.

How to Filter Opportunities