Understanding how to create opportunities in Connect is vital for effectively managing your sales pipeline and tracking potential revenue. It enables businesses to systematically organize and prioritize leads, ensuring that no potential deals are overlooked.

By creating opportunities, you can monitor the progress of each lead, allowing for targeted follow-up and strategic decision-making. This capability enhances the efficiency of your sales process, leading to higher conversion rates and increased profitability.

Ultimately, mastering this feature empowers businesses to optimize their growth and maximize their sales potential.

Step 1

Add an opportunity in your Pipeline by going to Opportunities then select the correct pipeline from the dropdown.

How to create opportunities

Step 2

Once you're on the right pipeline, click +Opportunity then a pop-up will appear.

How to create opportunities

1. Name

2. Email

3. Phone Number

4. Opportunity details - Any additional details in the opportunity

5. Opportunity Name - You can put here “Phone Lead” Or something to remember about the lead

6. Pipeline - If you forgot to choose the pipeline beforehand, you can do it here.

7. Stage - Pipeline stage they belong to depending on the result of your conversation

8. Status - You can put here the status of the lead if it's open, won. abandoned or lost

9. Opportunity Value - Estimated value of how much you will earn from this lead.

10. Owner - Who will be responsible for the lead

11. Opportunity Source - Where did the lead come from, is it through a contact form, Facebook ad, Instagram lead, or others.

12. Tags - You can add the lead tag here.

How to create opportunities