If you are getting a permission error when you are trying to connect your Facebook business page to SoTellUs, this video will show you how to overcome that issue: 


1. Go to your Facebook Business Page

2. Switch to your Facebook Business Profile by clicking the Switch button on the left. 

3. Click on the Manage button on the right. 

4. Click on Page Access on the Left. 

5. Under People with Facebook Access, click Add New, then click Next. 

6. Search for webforce.pro

7. Turn on Allow this person to have full control

8. Enter your password

9. Email your company name, Facebook business page name and your username to support@sotellus.com and let us know that we need to give you the permissions you need. 

10. Once we have done that we will notify you and can remove us as an admin and you can now connect your Facebook business page to SoTellUs. 

If you would like to set up a Zoom meeting for us to walk you through this process just reach out to your success coach.